Residential Life at MKPS

MKPS provides only Boys Boarding Facilities for students aged 9 – 18 in excellent infrastructure with enviable teacher pupil ratios. The priority is not examination grades but, the stimulation of independent inquiry and intellectual curiosity. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between academic work and wide range of co-curricular opportunities with sporting and cultural achievement valued equally.
The structured programme enables the students to develop better understanding on issues that affect globally. The residential life provides ample opportunities to build social and organization skills and is a platform to develop a greater intercultural understanding, tolerance and respect.
Boarding incorporates all essential facilities that are important for a child’s holistic development. A unique environment that provides the children a home like experience and yet helps them grow and become independent citizens. World class amenities and learning environment contributes tremendously on the overall development of our borders.
Very precisely we have looked and developed the facilities what are needed for a 21st century child be it nourishing multi cuisine meal, comfortable air-conditioned dorms, dedicated study area and above all friendly and cooperative dorm parents and pastoral staff that makes the experience of living in school memorable.
MKPS boarding is an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.